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Member Code of Conduct
Member Code of Conduct

What we expect of our members

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Links is building the world’s greatest golf community.

We endeavor to make this community, both online and in real life (IRL), a fun and enjoyable place for all members.

By participating in the Links Community, you consent to the following rules as they apply both online and offline in all places where Links Golf Club may be represented, including but not limited to:

  • Social Media Channels such as Twitter and Instagram

  • Online community forums such as the Clubhouse and Discord

  • In-Person Events, including LinkUps and any other gathering of Links members

  • Member-to-Member and Club-to-Club reciprocity

  • All LinksDAO, Inc. owned properties

Links Golf Club Code of Conduct Introduction:

Links is a golf community that has both URL (online) and IRL (in real life) experiences. This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that we uphold our own mission statement of building the world’s best golf and leisure club while also protecting the safety of our members.

These rules may be modified or expanded at any time without notice, and enforcement of the rules is at the sole discretion of LinksDAO, Inc. staff. We encourage all community members to assume personal responsibility and help enforce these rules in their interactions with other members wherever possible. This enhances and strengthens the experience for all members of Links. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to warnings, temporary probation, or permanent ban from the Links community.

As a member of the community, you are responsible for abiding by this code of conduct at all times. We all represent Links, and our conduct represents the brand both online and IRL.

Member Expectations:

  1. Treat EVERYONE - members, guests, visitors, staff, etc. with kindness and respect, regardless of membership status. Links' membership includes people from all races, genders, ages, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, and levels of ability - No discrimination or personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated. Do your best to be welcoming, inclusive, and open minded.

  2. Respect the rights of others to enjoy a harassment-free community and experience. Do not troll, bait, doxx, or make sexist, sexual, racist, or inappropriate comments. Do not send unsolicited Direct Messages (DMs) or post any links, photos, or media containing any NSFW or illegal content to any member.

  3. Do your own research. Nothing posted by the team, admins, mods, staff, or community should be taken as financial advice, and we are not financial advisors. Do your own due diligence before making any purchase or investment decisions. We discourage speculative discussion related to LinksDAO NFTs or other investments.

  4. Protect your information! Our community has been targeted by malicious actors, and while we do our absolute best to defend against hacks, scams, and other threats, YOU are responsible for your own security. Assume all DMs, links, and wallet interactions are dangerous, and triple-check before connecting your wallet or sharing your information with anyone. We will never ask you for your private keys, seed phrases, or passwords. Never share personal information or threaten to doxx, and report any suspicious activity to Links staff via a support ticket.

  5. Keep all posts, links, images, memes, and information in their appropriate communication channels. Do not shill or self-promote without written permission from a team member. Do not excessively @ tag members, team or staff roles without reason. All messages, regardless of content or intent, are subject to deletion by staff at any time for any reason.

  6. Harassing or attempting to scam any member of the community, whether in/on a LinksDAO, Inc. property or online, will result in an immediate ban from both the online and offline community.

  7. Do not attempt to impersonate the brand or any member of the team. Do not add “Links”, "LinksDAO", or any similar tag to your Discord ID or Clubhouse Profile. This is a serious offense and will result in an immediate ban.

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