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I am having an issue redeeming my member discount code in the Proshop
I am having an issue redeeming my member discount code in the Proshop

If you're having trouble with your discount code in our Pro Shop, here are a few things to check:

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Follow the steps to redeem your discount code:

  1. In the "Discount Codes" tab, copy the code for the product you want to purchase (one for all products except for Therabody and Club Glove, the other for Therabody and Club Glove products

    1. Note: Your discount code is connected with your Clubhouse account, so when you visit clubhouse signed-in to the same email address the coupons should apply automatically

    2. Note: For future purchases, you can just use the same discount code and skip the Clubhouse step

  2. Make your selections in and add items to your cart

  3. At checkout, sign-in to your Shopify account (must match the same email on your Clubhouse account)

  4. Paste the Coupon code into the coupon code box as shown below:

  5. The code should apply your discount as shown below:

  6. Each the discount code will apply to all products in your cart individually

    1. Therabody and Club Glove products have a unique discount code

    2. All other products have another discount code


If the discount code doesn't apply, try the steps below before contacting support

  • Verify that you have a Clubhouse profile. If you've never signed-in to Clubhouse, visit and click "Log in with Wallet" (if an NFT holder) or create an account (if you don't have a Links Golf Club NFT), then add an email to your profile

  • Verify you are signed-in to the Proshop Shopify Store

  • Double-check your Shopify account matches the email in your Clubhouse profile (different emails will not recognize your discount code)

If the discount code is still not working, click the Chat bubble in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page. A Links Concierge Member will assist you.

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