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FAQ: LinksDAO NFT Membership
FAQ: LinksDAO NFT Membership

All about LinksDAO, NFTs, and token-based membership

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What is an NFT?

From Wikipedia: A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital identifier that is recorded on a blockchain, and is used to certify ownership and authenticity. It cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

What is a DAO?
"DAO" stands for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" and is a form of community governance that operates based on ownership of specific NFTs.

What is LinksDAO and how does it operate?
The DAO of LinksDAO is made up of all the holders of LinksDAO Leisure and Global NFTs. In addition to providing the highest forms of Links Golf Club membership with the greatest benefits and access, token holders also have a voice in the Links community, with governance rights for votes that are raised to the community. For example, our most recent vote allowed the community to decide on the official logo for Spey Bay Golf Course.

What is a LinksDAO NFT and what does it provide me?

The LinksDAO NFT is a digital token form of Links membership that comes in two types:
โ€‹Leisure Membership:

Provides 1 governance vote and allows a holder to pay for access to WORLDvantage course access and travel benefits for $715 annually, along with some partner discounts that are better than subscription members receive.

Global Membership:

Provides 4 governance votes and includes full golf access to WORLDvantage at no extra cost. Also provides full access to the Links Play Private Member-Hosted network and 4 Request Tokens per year, regardless of host status.

Historically, the NFTs have also provided special membership opportunities to Spey Bay.

How do I obtain a LinksDAO NFT?

You can purchase a LinksDAO NFT from a reputable NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. The official collection page is

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