Links Leagues
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Links Leagues is a distributed golf competition allowing Links Members and Guests to compete with each other from anywhere, anytime. To join a league, visit the Clubhouse and click on "Leagues" in the Navigation bar. From there, you can browse active leagues and join one to compete.

How Links Leagues Works

Links Leagues works simply by playing golf as you usually would and then posting your score to the entry platform hosted in the Links Clubhouse. By entering your scores, you compete against yourself, and a target score is determined by a formula using your most recent rounds. The better you play against your target, the more points you earn. Each “round” posted is a nine-hole round. If you play 18, post both front and back rounds separately to count as 2 rounds.

After joining a league, you play golf as you usually would. The only requirement is to post your scores to Clubhouse. Your scores are then posted to a leaderboard, earning points relative to your target score (a formula that considers your recent round performance). At the end of the league season, the player with the most points wins.

The table below provides examples relative to the target score and the amount of points earned for a round.

Actual Score vs. Target Score


10+ under Target

20 (max)

9 under Target


2 under Target


1 under Target


On Target


1 over Target


2 over Target


x over Target

10 - x (no minimum)

Where do I post my scores?

In Clubhouse, there’s a form where you can post your scores. You’ll need to remember the course and tees you played.

What can I win?

Each league you join can have different stakes listed in the Clubhouse. Additionally, consistently participating in leagues makes you eligible to win giveaways from Links Golf Club. Examples could be Links merchandise, pro shop credit, free golf, Spey Bay merchandise, or golf equipment from our partners.

What Leagues are available?

There will be many league options, including local chapters based on region, international competitions, short-form tournaments, and other unique events. You can choose one, two, or all to see how you stack up against the competition.

What is the buy-in?

Each league will have a unique buy-in. Some leagues may be free, while others, with more lucrative prizes, may have larger entry fees. There is a league available for everyone.

Who can participate?

Most leagues are available to Members AND Guests. However, there will be higher-stakes leagues available to members only in the future. To join Links Golf Club, click here. The “Starter” membership is a great way to dip your toes into Links Golf Club.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If you are a Links League participant and have a question or experience an issue, click the chat bubble on this page to reach out to support.

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